Feather and Fox have been spreading sparkle up and down the uk for years covering all you festival goers, pride lovers and festival brides head to toe in sparkle. But we really didn’t know all the facts and how harmful this was to the environment. Cosmetic glitter contains harmful amounts of plastic that never break down and thats not good news for anything that calls earth home. These plastics are entering oceans worldwide at an alarming rate, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic every minute.

Glitter is only a small part of the problem but if we all switched to biodegradable glitter the world would be a better place. Cosmetic glitter contains microplastics that find their way into our seas harming our marine life. Were passionate about our environment and worked hard to find the very best eco glitter for you. Feather and fox biodegradable glitter is verified micro plastic free by the EU and officially certified OK Biodegradable WATER by TUV. Which means it is guaranteed to biodegrade in a natural environment,

Sir David Attenborough has backed this environmentally friendly product.  so no need to loose your sparkle this festival season.


What makes our glitter biodegradable?

Feather and Fox Bio-Glitter is Made from a biodegradable film from trees, mainly eucalyptus, which is sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

🐬 Marine & waste water biodegradable.

🐭 No animal testing.
✨ Cosmetic grade.
🌸 Compost home certified.
🛳Industrially compostable.
⚙️ Below the limits of detection of heavy metals.
🐠Biodegradable packaging.

✨ Suitable for hair, skin and nails. 


I hope all this information has made you change your minds about regular glitter and you decide to use our guilt free glitter,

For 2019 we pledge that all our glitter bars will only stock biodegradable glitter

We love using the products and customers that have already been glittered have told us they wouldn’t of known it was biodegradable and that the quality was the same or better as bio-glitter is softer on the skin BONUS.

For the future were looking at getting a larger colour and size range to offer all you guys but im sure you’ll understand this is new so good things take time.

Were excited for 2019, last year we hit the beaches and hotels of Ibiza getting hen parties and girls on tour ready for Ocean beach, Ushuaia , Glitter box and more so it a great feeling to know when we return were eco friendly and can spread sparkle without harming the beautiful beaches. 

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