Feather & Fox 2019 top festival trends

Festival season is upon us and if your anything like me you need to be super organise and plan your outfit and look early.
I find my festival outfits the hardest to sort as I hate being cold, I hate being wet, I don’t want to be to hot and I definately don’t want to look crappy. So the first thing ive done this year is check out who wore what at this years Coachella, I definately get all my festival info from this.
WHAT TO DO????? Its so hard especially with our good old British weather. The only thing that always makes me feel like im heading to a festival is Jewels and glitter, The first thing that you have  change in 2019 is switch to Biodegradable glitter, many festivals are banning cosmetic glitter as im sure you know it contains metal and is super harmful to the environment so do the right thing and switch today, check out our full range of biodegradable glitters here.

glitter boobs, glitter bum, glitter roots, glitter suspenders

So Glitter and jewels is a must but in the past ive done pretty much everything there is to do glitter boobs, glitter roots, glitter bum but the one trend thats really caught my eye this year is glitter suspenders. I love this look its so easy to wear just throw on your denim shorts and decorate your upper thighs with just glitter or go all out with glitter and jewels, start by adding Feather and Fox Flawless face jewels to your thighs and then drip bio-glitter down your leg so it looks like suspenders, remember you can never have to much glitter.
What ever you decide to do your guaranteed to look incredible, if your brave enough to bare all FAIR PLAY, if your a less is more type of girl NO WORRIES but adding sparkle is a must for the ultimate 2019 festival look.


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